Santoro Engineering Company

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Santoro Engineering Company Principal Civil Engineers:

Gregory D. Santoro, P.E.

Gregory D. Santoro, P.E.
T 808.772.9450


University of Cincinnati, Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, 1991


Licensed Professional Engineer in the States of Arizona, New Mexico, Hawaii, and Ohio.

Professional Experience

Gregory is a Civil Engineer with over twenty five (25) years of experience in the United States and Honduras, Central America. He is bilingual in Spanish. Gregory has broad Civil Engineering experience in water resources, infrastructure, and site development. During his career, he has been involved with projects during all phases, including planning, surveying, preliminary and final design, coordination with government officials, bidding, and project management. He has also spent a considerable amount of time working in the field, in surveying and construction inspection and supervision. Gregory is an honest and competent Civil Engineer. He has a great work ethic and is committed to doing an excellent job for his clients.

Angelo J. Santoro, P.E., P.S.

Angelo J. Santoro - Principal Emeritus
T 513.732.2561

…the Founder of Santoro Engineering Company

Professional Experience

Angelo had over fifty (50) years of experience in managing and directing all operations of Santoro Engineering Company in land use planning, zoning, sanitary sewer and treatment design, water systems and treatment design, construction management and permitting, roadway and bridge design, storm water systems and management, planned unit developments, conservation and preservation of environmentally sensitive areas.

List of Our Company Affiliations:

SEC works together with the experienced staff at Hawaii Engineering Group on larger Civil projects, and projects that require Structural and/or Electrical services. Ather Dar started Hawaii Engineering Group back in 1993.

Hawaii Engineering Group
Consulting Civil, Structural, and Electrical Engineers
Contact: Ather Dar, P.E.

For all AutoCAD Design Services, SEC utilizes the expert and efficient TCS-CAD Partners, who have provided AutoCAD Design Services since 2000.

TCS-CAD Partners
AutoCAD Design Services
Contact: Tina Sasada

SEC relies on Chris Morrison of OPW Surveying to provide all of the surveying services required for Arizona projects. Chris has over thirty (30) years of surveying experience.

OPW Surveying, LLC
Survey Services
Contact: Chris Morrison, R.L.S.

SEC relies on Berding Surveying to provide the surveying services required for all Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky projects.

G.J. Berding Surveying Inc.
Survey Services
Contact: Gerry Berding, P.S.

SEC relies on Paul Cote’ from Putt Land Surveying, Inc. to provide all of the surveying services required for Santa Cruz County, Arizona projects that includes all of the projects located in the Sonoita-Elgin “Wine Country” area.  Paul has over thirty (30) years of surveying experience.

Putt Land Surveying, Inc.
Survey Services
Contact:  Paul Cote’, R.L.S.